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Theresa Roberts was born in St. Eizabeth, Jamaica and lived there for the first 8 years of her life, following which, she moved to London with family. From 1999 she started returning to Jamaica regularly and now has a home on the island. During her time in London, Theresa became heavily involved in the art world, initially collecting European art.

On her return to Jamaica, Theresa was tremendously impressed and proud to discover the quality and sophistication of the Jamaican visual arts scene. This led to her starting an important collection of Jamaican art. From this beginning, she became convinced that she wanted to promote Jamaican artists internationally.

Support for Jamaican artists has now become her main passion but she continues to be involved in various UK arts projects including DRIFT (which involves the installation of visual arts in the River Thames), the New Hall Cambridge art collection (which is the largest collection of women's art in Europe) and the establishment of the International Slavery Museum, which forms part of National Museums, Liverpool.