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Barrington Watson - Basil Watson
Kai Watson - Raymond Watson

David Begbie, Steelmesh Sculptures
British artist David Begbie

Beneath Jamaica’s exotic image of sunshine and music there exists an underlying cultural heritage of artistic expression and one which is an integral component of the country’s deep-rooted sense of identity.

Within Jamaica’s creative community there is a real sense of seriousness and commitment which is certainly of significance as exemplified by the prolific WATSON FAMILY. The Watsons are an artistic dynasty that spans three generations, which is rare enough. It is of particular interest and significance when this happens in a country the size of Jamaica and says much about the culture in which the dynasty has evolved.
DAVID BEGBIE – Sculptor, BA (hons), HDFA Slade, MRBS

Watch the video 'Martin Luther King' 2021


A new monument of #MartinLutherKing​ in Atlanta – on the very street that bears his name. The 12-foot statue of #MLK​ was created by artist Basil Watson